Below are the results from our 2018-19 TAG Family Survey. This data was reviewed at this year's final TAG Team meeting and will be again at the start of next year's production. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Your constructive feedback was heard and appreciated!

In how many TAG productions has your child(ren) participated as a cast member, RAT, or alumni?*

1-3 years: 62%

4-5 years: 34%

6-8 years: 4%

How did your child(ren) participate this year?*

Cast: 88%

RAT: 4%

Alumni: 8%

Was your cast/crew/alumni member made to feel an important part of the company?*

Strongly Disagree: 0%

Disagree: 0%

Neutral: 8%

Agree: 36%

Strongly Agree: 56%


Were you, as parents/guardians, made to feel welcomed and valued in this year's production?*

Strongly Disagree: 3%

Disagree: 0%

Neutral: 3%

Agree: 20%

Strongly Agree: 74%


What time of day for rehearsal is best for your family?*

Two-hour rehearsals 3 days a week: 84%

One-hour rehearsals 4-5 days a week: 16%


Which would you recommend for future Super Saturdays?

 Same frequency and quantity as this year: 96%

 No Saturday rehearsals, more after school weekday rehearsals to compensate: 4%


What time of day for rehearsal is best for your family?

Directly after school: 88%

Evening rehearsals: 4%

Combo of directly after school and evening rehearsals: 8%

Which options for volunteering seem reasonable to ask of each family for next year's production?*

Serve at a minimum of five (5) shifts at TAG events (auditions, weekly rehearsals, photoshoot, Super Saturdays or show week events): 42%

Serve at a minimum of ten (10) hours performing behind-the-scenes service (may be done on your own time): 84%

Do you feel that your family's commitment to the overall experience was worthwhile?*

Strongly Disagree: 0%

Disagree: 0%

Neutral: 4%

Agree: 21%

Strongly Agree: 71%


Do you feel TAG provides positive opportunities for families to participate in our school community?*

Strongly Disagree: 0%

Disagree: 4%

Neutral: 0%

Agree: 21%

Strongly Agree: 75%


Was the overall TAG experience a positive one for your family?*

Strongly Disagree: 0%

Disagree: 4%

Neutral: 4%

Agree: 21%

Strongly Agree: 71%


Will your family have students enrolled at Loyal Heights Elementary for the 2019-20 school year?*

 Yes: 79%

 No: 17%

 Not sure: 4%


Will your child(ren) consider participating in TAG next year as cast, RAT, or alumni?*

 Yes: 92%

 No: 0%

 Undecided: 8%


-As a community, we are so incredibly lucky to have TAG as part of our children’s life experiences. Learnings from participation will follow them the rest of their lives. The productions are hands down the most well organized event associated with school. In fact, the logistics would rival most corporate environments. [My daughter] was a RAT in Beauty and the Beast Jr. and fortunate to be selected as part of the cast for Mary Poppins Jr. She was delighted and felt valued by the team in both roles. At the risk of disrupting all of the many positives, there isn’t a single thing I would change. Bravo!

-The alumni program is so important to those who have graduated from Loyal Heights. Our kids really love giving back to their LHE family and supporting their younger peers in this way. It's also provides a fun way for them to learn required service hours for school. Thanks for making this happen for them!

-I volunteered in the green room for some of the performances, and I think many of the kids were exhausted/confused having two performances in one day (as opposed to alternating like last year). Regardless, I loved helping with the play and my kids loved being in it. We are so thankful for the entire TAG team giving us this opportunity.

-We are so incredibly lucky to have this offered at our school. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the tremendous amount of time and energy the TAG team puts in to making this happen. Also, I really enjoying volunteering, and I'm glad there are weekend rehearsals (Super Saturdays) so that I can fit volunteering in with my full time work schedule.

-On shorter, more frequent practices: I wonder if a scaling time frame of practices might work better next year. The smallest kids have trouble focusing past an hour after school, and would probably benefit from all Wednesday rehearsals as the school day is shorter if that's possible at all. I can only hope/imagine the slightly older kids are a little bit better at focusing past an hour, and generally have later bed times? My children go to bed between 7 and 7:30, except on special occasions for example. As for volunteering, I totally made it work, even with a maniac toddler at home. I hope I can volunteer as much or more next year, but I'm not sure how much time I can commit (thus uncertain if I can apply to work even more closely with TAG next year), depending on how my toddler matures.... or something. It was a fun experience. :)

-We had a wonderful experience. My daughter's confidence grew so much, and everyone was so supportive and helpful. Thank you!

-The amount of practices and the duration are too much. It is shocking that our only choice is a 1 hour practice 4-5 days per week or 3 days 2 hours each. This is an elementary school play. It is too much. It starts too early. Perhaps this schedule would be acceptable if practices started on January. There should be another box for less practices and a shorter duration.

-TAG is extremely well organized. Information was easy to find on the website, students were checked in and out safely and efficiently. Volunteers were warm and caring towards the children. This program has done amazing things for my children's self confidence, and has involved them with students of all different grade levels which they might not otherwise get to know. It is the only school event that fosters relationships between the various grades and allows students to shine in a different, non traditional (academic) way. This is a volunteer run program and it is incredible and an amazing program to have at our school. My only concern with this program is rehearsal space. This is not a criticism of TAG as I am sure they would welcome dedicated rehearsal space that was large enough for their large numbers. From what I understand not enough space was provided. This program has the support of families and space should absolutely be provided within the school for the large number of students to rehearse.

-6 months of rehearsals is a bit too long for elementary school children. The play would be better done if we had more rehearsal time during the week and fewer weeks overall. The leads should not be called more than 3 days a week, however so they don't get burned out. They were already tired of coming to the play so much as it was. -2 shows in one day is too much for grade school kids, especially the younger ones. I was told that this was better for the make-up and hair people but decisions should be made based on what is best for the children, not the adult volunteers.

-I love all the positivity in this production! Thank you so much for all the people that made this to be such an amazing time for my child.

Note: Every inquiry that was submitted through the website, email, text, and phone received a personal reply throughout the length of the production.