Performance Casting

All students who are participating in this year's production are listed below, separated into two casts. This replaces the Cast Posting, effective immediately. Siblings should be in the same casts. If siblings are in different casts or your name is not listed, please contact us and we'll get it corrected immediately. 

Rehearsals may be separated by cast going forward. Each cast will have equal rehearsal time and perform in two of the four shows. Please read the events on the TAG Calendar carefully to know when you are called. 

Note: Dance Captains, the youth leaders for their casting groups, are noted in bold. 

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Suffragettes: Helena C., Macey Y., Robin C., Rory G., Stella H.*

Katie Nanna: Violet S.*

Bert: Max G.

Named Sweeps: Della G., Emerson C., Natalie G., Posy T.*

Chimney Sweeps: Bailey J., Evie T., Frankie W., Maura M., Olivia L, Reinikka K.*, Sophia V.

George Banks: Haakon E.

Winifred Banks: Gemma S.

Jane Banks: Ada N.

Michael Banks: Ronan P.

Mrs. Brill: Shay W.

Mrs. Frill: Dagny W.

Robertson Aye: Silas R.

Mary Poppins: Bella P.

Neleus: Tenley A.

Statues: Sammy Y.*, Sophie A.

Park Strollers: Carson A., Elaina L, Hanna W., Jack M., Lila D.*, Lydia H., Olivia B.*, Owen A., Peyton N., Rina V., Sabine J., Sierra R.

Penguins: Gabe T., Owen P.*, Ryder M.

Flowers: Claire H, Eula P., Harper C.*

Honeybees: Amalia M., Asah D., Ava H., Clara H., Elizabeth W., Greta S., Kiara H, Madeline H.*, Pippa G., Ramona D.*, Tesla M.

Clerks: Alden Z., Arlo M., Arwyn C., Clara C., Emma G., Emmett J., Jose G*, Laine C., Nina K., Rya M.*, Sidhanth S.

Miss Smythe: Kate S.

Chairman: Gudeta G.

Von Hussler: Kaylynn W.*

John Northbrook: Jacob A.

Bird Woman: Giada S.

Mrs. Corry: Marja P.

Miss Andrew: Caoimhe P.

Messenger: Rya M.

Policeman: Peyton N.


Suffragettes: Anna D.*, Avery B., Caroline B., Ingrid Y., Nina J., Vivian C.

Katie Nanna: Elliott G.*

Bert: Alice S.

Named Sweeps: Austin H., Clay R., Lucy S.*, Wren H.

Chimney Sweeps: Cimeren G.*, Colin O., Edith S., Emily D., Ethan B., Mercedes H., Ronia H., Sawyer Y.

George Banks: Tae D.

Winifred Banks: Ana J.

Jane Banks: Ginger D.

Michael Banks: Max H.

Mrs. Brill: Gianna G.

Mrs. Frill: Julia G.

Robertson Aye: Oscar M.

Mary Poppins: Nicola F.

Neleus: Molly M.

Statues: Odin H., Rose L.*

Park Strollers: Anna K., Emma C., Finn H., Francesca G.*, Hope C., Joy C., Juniper D., Lily W., Mattea P., Quattro H., Will W.

Penguins: Aiden B., Elliott O., Tommy W.*

Flowers: Lilly W.*, Maggie H., Sadie S.

Honeybees: Avery F., Fiona S., Freya C., Helen T., Juniper C., Mila D., Mila J., Nica D., Sara K., Sophia E., Willa M.

Clerks: Anya C., Emerson O*., Ezra D., Hazel W., Henry E., Jake W., Maya H., Mila M., Penelope J., William K., Zoe Y.*

Miss Smythe: Ruth S.

Chairman: Hank W.

Von Hussler: Amelia W.*

John Northbrook: Ryder G.

Bird Woman: Farrow Y.

Mrs. Corry: Nora R.

Miss Andrew: Beatrix H.

Messenger: Zoe Y.

Policeman: Quattro H.


Assistant Stage Managers: Eva-Lynn R., Henrik M.

Cast/Costumes Managers: Amir Z., Mattheis J.

Props Managers: Andres A., Willem V.S.

Sets Managers: Emily S., Will E.

Sound Engineer: Katharine S.


Assistant Stage Managers: Clay S., Grace R.

Cast Managers: Henry T., Owen H.P.

Props/Costumes Managers: Orly F., Joey G.

Sets Managers: Madelyn McC., Will R.

Sound Engineer: Katharine S.