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Audition Workshop #3: Company Roles (Day 1 of 2)

This Company Role Audition Workshop is designed to help prepare actors who are comfortable with singing and dancing with larger groups. Each student needs only attend one 2-day workshop and all participants will receive equal and relevant audition tips, advice and training. All interested students must sign up on the TAG board between November 10-21. 

Adult supervision will be provided for students between the workshops and 9:10am when supervision is provided by the school. Parents do not need to return to escort their child(ten) to class.

Note: These workshops are designed with the sole purpose of providing preparation support to any interested student and participation is not a commitment to being in Bugsy. All dialog, lyrics & accompanying music will be made available to everyone simultaneously on the Auditions page on the TAG website and will be the same information that is covered in the workshops. All actors go into auditions with equal opportunity, regardless of participation in these workshops or in roles they've played in past TAG productions.