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  • Boys' & Girls' Restrooms (map)

This photo shoot is our only opportunity to take casting group photos of our Bugsy company. The production crew are asked to wear dark-colored pants. You will receive your company shirts upon arrival and wear them for the photos. Cast members are asked to bring your shoes & socks as requested by our Costume Chair (for details click here). You will receive and wear your costumes for the photos. All cast and crew members are asked to arrive at the boys' or girls' restrooms respectively at their scheduled call times, listed below, to receive their costumes. Volunteers will then help company members change into their costumes and escort them to the Lunchroom for the photo shoots.

After the photo shoot, all costumes will be sent home with the cast members. Once you receive your costume they will be your responsibility. Please put them in your parents' closet for safe keeping until dress rehearsal. If you damage or lose your costume, you will be asked to purchase a replacement. After the final Bugsy performance, your costume is yours to keep!

Please note: No adult supervision will be provided before or after your specific call time. This will be a closed photo shoot; No one will be allowed into the photo sessions except for those being photographed at their scheduled time slot and scheduled volunteers. Parents are also asked not to enter the restrooms and to respect our volunteers. 

3:15-3:30pm TAG Team

3:45-4:15pm Gamblers, Speakeasy Guys/Gals, Sam's Crew, Razamataz, Fizzy

3:45-4:25pm Tallulah, Loretta, Dottie, Bangles, Tillie, Sparkle Chorus Girls

4:05-4:35pm Lena, Oscar, Opera Singer, Marbini, Ventriloquist, Silly Puppet, Lena's Bodyguards

4:15-4:45pm Down & Outs, Ma Becker, Barber/Priest, Auditionees/Cooks

4:25-4:55pm Maitre Ds, Waitresses, Surly Waitress

4:35-5:05pm Fat Sam, Ritzy, Snake Eyes, Shakedown Louis, Knuckles, Angelo

4:45-5:15pm Bugsy, Blousey

4:55-5:25pm Radio Announcers, Paper/Delivery Gals, Splurge Reporters

5:05-5:35pm Dandy Dan, Louella, Bronx Charlie, Benny Lee, Yonkers Charlie, Doodle, Flash Frankie/Butler, Roxy Robinson

5:15-5:45pm Candy Girls, Grand Slam Girls

5:30-5:55pm Production Crew

5:40-6:00pm Front page photo