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Bugsy Malone Jr. Performance-Cast B

  • Ballard High School Performing Arts Center 1418 Northwest 65th Street Seattle, WA, 98117 United States (map)

Core cast and Cast B should arrive in full hair, make-up and costume per instructions that will be sent via TAG Times - Special Report. Please see the arrival times, below:

11:00AM Blousey, Dandy Dan, Tallulah, Sparkle Chorus Girls, Lena, Bugsy, Fizzy, Fat Sam

11:45AM Louella, Bronx Charlie, Benny Lee, Yonkers Charlie, Doodle, Ritzy, Snake Eyes, Shakedown Louis, Knuckles, Angelo, Roxy Robinson, Loretta, Dottie, Bangles, Tillie, Oscar, Opera Singer, Marbini, Ventriloquist, Silly Puppet, Ma Becker, Surly Waitress, Radio Announcers, Flash Frankie/Butler, Paper Girls

12:00PM Stage Crew

12:15PM Razamataz, Maitre Ds/Waitresses, Gamblers, Splurge Reporters, Barber/Priest, Down & Outs, Auditionees/Cooks, Grand Slam Girls, Candy Girls, Speakeasy Guys/Gals, Sam's Crew Dan's Hoods/Lena's Bodyguards


Black Box

Curtain +10 minutes     Blousey, Bugsy, Dandy Dan, Fat Sam (4)

Curtain + 12 minutes    Tallulah, Fizzy, Lena, Oscar (4)

Curtain +14 minutes     Opera Singer, Marbini, Ventroloquist, silly puppet (4)

Curtain +16 minutes     Ma Becker, Surly Waitress, Radio Announcers, Roxy (4)

Curtain +18 minutes     Louella, Bronx Charlie, Benny Lee, Yonkers Charlie, Doodle (5)

Curtain +20 minutes    Ritzy, Snake Eyes, Shakedown Louis, Knuckles, Angelo (5)

Curtain + 22 minutes    Loretta, Dottie, Tillie, Bangles, Flash Frankie/Butler (5)

Green Room

curtain +5 minutes      Sparkle Chorus Girls and Speakeasies (8-11)

curtain +8 minutes      Gamblers, Boxer and Candy Girls (10)

curtain +11 minutes      Auditionees, MaitreDs and Waitresses (9)

curtain + 14 minutes    Sam's Crew and Dan's Hoods (7)

curtain +17 minutes     Down & outs (8)

curtain + 20 minutes   Grand Slam Girls, Razamataz, and Barber/priest (9)

curtain + 23 minutes   Splurge Reporters and Paper Girls (10), Stage Crew

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