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Oz Photo Shoots

  • Boys & Girls Restrooms (map)

Please respect all involved: Prompt arrival is imperative to make this shoot run smoothly. Make every effort to attend as there will be no make-ups!

This will be a closed photo shoot; No one will be allowed into the photo session except for those being photographed at their scheduled time slot and the scheduled volunteers. Families will be notified when the photos are available for purchase. 

3:45-4:25pm: Group 1- Polychromes, Oogaboos
3:40-4:35pm: Group 2- Oz Dorothy* (Hair, then costume), Lion* (Costume, then hair)
3:55-4:35pm: Group 2- Scarecrow (Ruby & Emerald), Tin Man, Toto (Ruby & Emerald)
4:05-4:45pm: Group 3- C
rows, Scarecrow (Ruby & Emerald)
4:15-4:55pm: Group 4- Glinda (Ruby), Ensemble Munchkins (Ruby)
4:25-5:05pm: Group 5- Apple Trees
4:35-5:15pm: Group 6- Munchkins 1&2, Mayor, Barrister, City Fathers, Coroner, Tots, Tough Guys
4:45-5:25pm: Group 7- Jitterbugs
4:55-5:35pm: Group 8- Glinda (Emerald). Ensemble Munchkins (Emerald)
4:50-5:45pm: Group 9- Kansas Dorothy*
5:05-5:45pm: Group 9- Aunt Em, Uncle Henry
5:15-5:55pm: Group 10- Wizard of OZ, People of OZ (Ruby)
5:45-6:25pm: Group 11- Doorman/Guard, People of OZ (Emerald)
5:40-6:35pm: Group 12- Wicked Witch (Ruby)
5:55-6:35pm: Group 12- Nikko (Ruby), Monkeys
5:50-6:45pm: Group 13- Wicked Witch (Emerald)*
6:05-6:45pm: Group 13- Nikko (Emerald), Winkie Leader, Winkie Guards
6:15-6:55pm: Group 14- RATs

*Special schedule to include hair styling.