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Pan Photo Shoots

  • LHE @ JM 520 Northeast Ravenna Boulevard Seattle, WA, 98115 United States (map)

Please respect all involved: Cooperation is imperative to make this shoot run smoothly. Make every effort to attend as there will be no make-ups!

This will be a closed photo shoot; No one will be allowed into the photo session except for those being photographed at their scheduled time slot and the scheduled volunteers. Families will be notified when the photos are available for purchase.

Should you want to pick up your company members, they will be ready for pickup at the bus departure times, listed below. Kids enrolled in NKS will be sent there as soon as their shoot is over. All other company members will put on the buses. SPS has graciously offered to provide us bus service on an early release day, which is not normal protocol. Both buses will make all three stops, arrival times are estimates from the district:

Stop #1 LHCC - 20 minutes after departure

Stop #2 BB&GC - 35 minutes after departure

Stop #3 SBB&GC - 36 minutes after departure

NKS: Nora R., Sidhanth S., Andrei P.P., Clay R., Hank W., Will W., Owen A., Sawyer Y., Adele B., Ellie S., Tomas S., Halcyon B., Amelia Wag., Avery B., Della G., Farrow Y., Kiki Sch., Maya Hua., Amelia Wyn., Julia H., Sophie Sch.

Bus #1 (leaves at 3:40pm): Ada N., Aoife M., Arlo M., Ava H., Caoimhe P., Cimeren G., Claire Hel., Claire Hor., Corinne I., Duke M., Ellie H., Elliot G., Emma C., Evie T., Gemma S., Ginger D., Greyson G., Hank B., Harper C., Henry E., Henry Sip., Hope C., Keane C., Kennedy J., Lila D., Lily S., Lily W., Livia DeL., Lola S.S., Lucy S., Macey Y., Madeline M., Maggie H., Mari P., Max G., Maya S., Nina J., Pearl W., Posy T., Ramona McD., Reinikka K., Ronan P., Ruth S., Sadie S.R., Saron M., Sophie W., Stella H., Viola D.

Bus #2 (leaves at 3:50pm): Aderyn K., Adriana H., Aksel C., Alice S., Anna D., Austin H.F., Beatrix H., Bnaya C., Brooklyn P., Camila K., Charlotte Sch., Chloe P., Christian G., Colin O., Eli K., Emily D., Ethan H.F., Etienne R., Faryn E., Felix M., Francesca G., Frankie G., Georgia G., Giada S., Gianna G., Haakon E., Hayden S., Henrik C., Joey G., Kelly C., Lily G., Lucie C., Max H., Maya Hay., Mia P., Nicola F., Oscar M., Payton M., Ryder G., Sebastian Q., Shay W., Thorin E., Timothy F., Willem V.S.

Parent Pick-up (at 4:15pm): Frances B., Jake DeG., Quinn G., Kaylynn W., Elsa S., Clyde C., Gabriella W., Luke H., Nora J., Adele C., Amy P., Ethan R., Henry Sch., Marcus H., Noah T., Truitt M., James S., Colin D., Ella C., Mayumi W., Zoe Y., Clay S., Asher W., Cameron B., Lily C., Audrey M., Kai B., Rory G., Dagne W., Elliot B., Ingrid Y., Tommy F., William K., Ashton M., Jackson M., Fletcher S., Kate S., George G., Jacob A., Robin C.B., Helena C.B.

*If your name is not listed, click here immediately to let us know of the unintentional typo.

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Later Event: March 25