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Both Casts: RATs, Statues, D'Arque, Villagers, Silly Girls, Gaston, Lefou, Wolves, Beast, Belle, Maurice

BA:  Stage (auditorium)

3:40-4:10:   RATs. Statues (full run)

4:15-4:45:  RATs. Statues (full run)


David: Green Room (room 117)

3:40-4:10:   Both casts villagers +silly girls+Lefou+Gaston,

3:40-4:10:   Recording wolves growls


Choreo: Black Box (room 112)

3:40-4:10:   (Wolf run first) Wolves movement + Beast + both Maurices +both Belles

3:40-4:10:   Gold and Blue villagers +SG+Lefou+Gaston : work on the basics for The Battle

An activity bus will be provided for this event. Visit the Activity Bus page for details.