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B&B Photoshoot

  • LHE/JM 520 Northeast Ravenna Boulevard Seattle, WA, 98115 United States (map)

Please respect all involved: Prompt arrival/pick-up is imperative to make this event run smoothly. Make every effort to attend as THERE WILL BE NO MAKE-UPS!

No activity buses will be provided for this event. Carpooling is encouraged. (Hint: Coordinate with others in your casting groups.) We will coordinate with NKS accordingly.

  • Company members with call times before 5:00pm should go to the Lunchroom immediately after school. Adult supervision and activities will be provided until their pickup time. Parents/guardians are responsible for picking them up per the schedule below. Please send a nut-free snack with them to school in the morning.

  • Company members with call times after 5:00pm must go home after school using their typical mode of transportation. Parents/guardians are responsible for bringing them back for the photoshoot and have them check in at their respective restrooms (on the first floor).

All company members will receive a costume to take home. After the photoshoot, the costumes are your responsibility. Please do not play in them. Each one is unique and there are no replacements.

This will be a closed photoshoot; No one will be allowed into the photo sessions except for those being photographed at their scheduled time slot and the scheduled volunteers. Parents/guardians may wait in Room 117.

Families will be notified when the photos are available for purchase.

We need volunteers to make this special event possible. Click here to sign up to be a part of the fun.

Schedule ID: 88885


3:25pm-5:15pm: Blue Servants, Blue Statues, Blue Wolves, Gold Servants, Gold Statues

3:25pm-5:40pm:Blue Villagers, Gaston, D’Arque, Blue & Gold Maurice, Blue & Gold Lefou, Gold Villagers

3:25pm-6:10pm: Gold & Blue Cogsworth, Gold & Blue Lumiere, Gold & Blue Babette, Gold & Blue Mrs. Potts, Gold & Blue Chip, Gold & Blue Madame, Gold & Blue Belle, Beast

3:25pm-6:30pm: Gold & Blue RATs

5:30pm-6:20pm: Blue Silly Girls

6:00pm-6:30pm: Gold Wolves

6:00pm-6:40pm: Gold Narrators

6:20pm-6:50pm: Blue Narrators

6:20pm-7:00pm: Gold Silly Girls

Earlier Event: March 21
Gold RATs & Cast (no Wolves)
Later Event: March 23
Damn Yankees