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Both Casts: RATs, Statues, Lefou, Gaston, D'Arque, Belle, Silly Girls, Cogsworth, Lumiere, Babette, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Madame


1.      RATs, Blue village leads, Belle (Scene 1: "Belle")

2.      RATs, Gold village leads, Belle (Scene 1: "Belle")

3.      RATs (shift rehearsal)

4.      RATs (shift rehearsal)


1.       Gold village leads  + gold Belle

2.      all castle leads + Beast

3.      Blue village leads +blue Belle

4.      Gold village leads + Gold Belle


1.      All castle leads and statues both casts: Human Again

2.      blue village leads (plus all castle leads, statues for fight scene)

3.      Gold village leads and all castle leads/statues (the blue cast can stand in for servants)+ gold Belle + Beast

4.      Fight scene: Blue village leads and all castle leads and statues +Blue Belle

An activity bus will be provided for this event. Visit the Activity Bus page for details.