What is a cast? 

A cast is a group of people who perform on stage in a production.


Who can be in the cast?

Current LHE students in all grades are invited to participate as cast members in the musical production. All cast members must register and audition, then casting assignments will be made. Cast members will be asked to attend rehearsals as listed on the Calendar


Why be in the cast?

This will be a super fun, non-scary introduction to the world of theatre arts. Such experiences are proven to encourage self confidence, teamwork, literacy, memory retention, music/dance/acting training, public speaking, and more! 


When do cast members report for duty?

Weekday rehearsals for the musical will weekdays from callbacks until performances. Those cast in speaking roles can expect to attend 2-3 rehearsals per week, ensemble roles about 1-2 per week. There may be several Super Saturday rehearsals for the musical. These are vital opportunities for the company to run through the production. Not all company members will need to attend all of these rehearsals or for the entire time block(s). Schedules will be posted on the Calendar. Please respect our directors and fellow company members; Consistent and prompt attendance is expected. 


Where do I sign up?

Visit our online Registration page to commit. Dues covers the cost of a cast t-shirt, a costume, and a cd of the score to keep. Cast registration closes on the day of auditions. Please visit the current year's production drop down menu for specifics.


Questions, concerns, comments, feedback?

Feel free to contact us with any questions along the way.