Cast Abbreviations

The following abbreviations may be used in the call sheets to designate which company members are called to which rehearsals/performances:

Bert- BT

George Banks- GB

Winifred Banks- WB

Jane Banks- JB

Michael Banks- MB

Katie Nanna- KN

Mrs. Brill- MrsB

Robertson Aye- RA

Mary Poppins- MP

Park Strollers- PS

Neleus- NEL

Statues- STAT

Penguins- PENG

Flowers- FL

Honeybees- HB

Clerks- CLK

Miss Smythe- SMY

Chairman- CHR

Von Hussler- VH

John Northbrook- JN

Bird Woman- BW

Mrs. Corry- MrsC

Miss Andrew- MissA

Policeman- POL

Chimney Sweeps- CS

Messenger- MES