TAG's Dance Captain program encourages responsibility and respect amongst our cast & RATs. It is designed to maintain a calm and functional environment at rehearsals and performances. Students from each casting group that express leadership qualities may be invited to serve as Dance Captains, and accepted the following responsibilities: 

  • Attend the Dance Captain training meeting and all scheduled rehearsals & performances.

  • Lead morning warm-ups when asked.

  • Keep their group together at all times, during rehearsals and performances, and when walking between backstage and the wings.

  • Listen for cues from the Cast Managers (RATs) or Backstage Managers (adult volunteers) and respond accordingly.

  • If someone in their group has an issue, notify an adult and respond accordingly.

  • Keep their groups calm & quiet and keep up morale.

  • Be a positive role model and leader!

As rehearsals progress, the groups will learn to look to the Dance Captains for guidance and direction. The four TAG character qualities are:

  • Be Kind (showing kindness and gratitude to others and joyfully working as a team).

  • Be Courageous (taking initiative to do what is right and staying positive and patient without complaint).

  • Be Thoughtful (being responsible to know and do what is expected without being asked).

  • There’s no place like home (exuding qualities that strengthen our LHE community).

We thank our Dance Captains, in advance, for their efforts in helping to make this a wonderful experience for everyone!

Please refer to the Calendar for dates/times for the training meeting. Dance Captains are noted with an asterisk on the Company Posting and will be highlighted in the program for their efforts.