An Equity Team Liaison position was created on the TAG Team to ensure just experiences for all participants. Responsibilities include:

  • Observe the audition/callback/casting process to ensure that casting decisions are considered with care from an equity and representation standpoint.

  • Attend TAG events as they see fit and view goings on with an equity lens.

  • Attend TAG Team meetings and participate in all discussions with an equity lens.

  • Report to Equity Team meetings.

  • Support TAG with any equity issues that arise.

  • Bridge communication between TAG and the Equity Team.

Please visit The TAG Team page for specifics about the fabulous volunteers from our Loyal Heights community who are serving in this capacity. We thank them for their dedication and commitment!

In addition, learn about the TURNAROUND ARTS equity-based initiative, to which TAG is a contributor, providing musical theatre experiences to high-needs schools around the country.