MP photos are SUPER!

Mary Poppins Jr. prints & memorabilia orders are available for a limited time by clicking here. Note: The watermark will not show on prints. All proceeds go towards production costs. 

TAG Wags to our photographer Anna Nadolof and Photoshoot Coordinator Kate Berens for making these keepsakes possible!

Its Time to Volunteer

It takes a village… Every MP family is expected to fulfill at least 2 volunteer shifts during show week. All volunteers will receive a complimentary MP shirt upon arrival at your shift (one per volunteer)! Please click on the following for details:

We need folks to help load the trucks at LHE and unload them at BHS, then back again. The more volunteers we have the easier the job. It's quick, easy, and you don't have to be strong, just willing! Click here to sign up.

Staging/Dress Rehearsals
We need volunteers to help with these final rehearsals. Click here to sign up.

Please share your time, maybe even for a performance that your child(ren) are not in, to ensure that all events run smoothly. Some volunteer positions may be fulfilled AND allow you to see that performance. Click on the performance dates below to sign up:

Saturday, March 30th, 1pm Performance

Saturday, March 30th, 6pm Performance

Sunday, March 31st, 1pm Performance

Sunday, March 31st, 6pm Performance

Please note:

The safety of our company is of upmost importance. Complying with SPS background check procedures, all TAG volunteers must submit a LHPTA Volunteer Application AND TAG Volunteer Application each school year prior to serving at any TAG events. All volunteers MUST submit these online forms (it takes as little as 3 minutes each) and present photo ID to either the Volunteer Coordinator or Producer at the first TAG event you attend.

Volunteers who come in direct contact with cast and student stage crew must wear aprons & backstage passes which must be returned to the Volunteer Coordinator at the end of their shift, even if they are signed up to volunteer at another event. For security reasons, only folks with backstage passes may go backstage. No exceptions.

TAG Times 3/15

And always remember, there’s plenty of folk ready to help you should you need ‘em.” -Bert

-With performances right around the corner, it's imperative that everyone attend all events for which they are called from here on out. Illness is the only acceptable excuse for absences. Please respect all company members and attend your scheduled events.

-Next week’s rehearsal schedule is available on the TAG Calendar.

-Rehearsals on March 19th & 21st will end at 4:30pm to ensure a full run of the script each day. This is 30 minutes longer than usual. Please make a note of it on your family calendars.

-Every MP family is expected to fulfill at least 2 volunteer shifts during show week. Visit the I Can Help page for details and to sign up.

-Members of our LHE community, please contact Michelle Rodelo if you are interested in available subsidized tickets.

-If you have not yet received your cast t-shirt… The size you ordered was labeled with your name and put in your teacher’s mailbox to distribute during school today.


TAG Wags to Emilie Knutson and Lisa Sand for their time and assistance at this week’s rehearsals.


3/19 Extended Rehearsal - Lime Cast

3/21 Extended Rehearsal - Strawberry Cast

3/23 LHE Auction

3/26-31 Show Week!

4/2 Company Party