B&B Bulletin 5/12

Quelque choses de plus...

-The results of our TAG Family Survey are in! Click here to view. We are most happy to hear that our company members felt important, that our parents/guardians felt welcomed and valued, and that your commitment to the overall experience was worthwhile! All of your submissions and feedback were thoughtfully reviewed by this year's TAG Team and will be considered in the planning of next year's production. Thanks for your input.

-Click here to order a recording of our B&B performances. The downloadable link will include performances of both casts as well as backstage footage!

-B&B photos will be available as prints or keepsake items until Wednesday, May 18th only. Once they're gone, they're gone. Click here to order.

-Parents/Guardians: Are you interested in participating in TAG next year? Please visit our TAG Team page or email us if you have time, talents, interests and ideas to share.

2017-18 Project Summary

Click here to review this year's project summary. TAG is grateful for the opportunity to have engaged our school community, our amazing students, staff, and families. We extend heartfelt thanks to all who participated in the B&B adventure in any way and to the LHPTA for sponsoring this program.