Welcome to Mary Poppins Jr.!

I’m Bert, your local chimney sweep, screever, man of all trades. I feel what’s to ‘appen all ‘appened before so I’m here to guide you through the MP adventure. Please read the TAG Times to stay in tune with it all.


-Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays immediately after school until 4pm and Wednesdays until 3pm. Only company members called (ie. listed on specific Calendar events) may attend TAG events.

-All events will be posted on the TAG Calendar. This is the lifeline to our company; Please check it often. The event titles for weekday rehearsals list company members called to each event. Events that affect most or all of the company are listed by event name. Details for all events (including locations, songs, musical numbers, pages of the script, etc.) are listed in the body of each event. Also included within the event details, below the title/date/location, is a direct link to download events onto your personal ICS or Google calendars.

-Parents/guardians MUST to notify their teacher of the days their actor is called to rehearsal. (Hint: Send your teacher an email each Monday for the week.)

-All cast members should come to their rehearsals with their lines and lyrics memorized for the scenes to be rehearsed (noted in each Calendar event).

-Contact us by noon tomorrow, Oct. 16, if your actor is registered for NKS, B&GC, &/or be walking home from rehearsals. Please include your actor’s name, role, and the reoccurring dates that apply.

-Parents/guardians MUST contact TAG by noon on any given day if their company member is planning to walk home after rehearsal.

-Company members registered for NKS should come to rehearsals when called. TAG will return them to NKS following rehearsals.

-Company members who attend one of the Boys and Girls Clubs: We tried to arrange B&GC vans to transport these company members after weekday rehearsals. Unfortunately, due to B&GC staffing shortages this is no longer a possibility. Please fill out the B&GC Survey if you would like to participate in a carpool to these specific after school clubs.

-The TAG TIMES (company correspondence) will be emailed to families and posted on the NEWS page each week. Please read the MP Welcome Letter for more info.

-Please take a few minutes to read Family Matters, a guide for actors and parents/guardians, and the Glossary of theatre terms prior to attending your first rehearsal.

-We invite all adults from the LHE and greater Ballard communities to share their time and talents through all aspects of this production. Click here for volunteer opportunities.

TAG WAGS to the casting team (Sadie Agurkis, Bret Ashlee Watson and Rachel Nichols) who encouraged all students at audition workshops, auditions and callbacks and worked diligently to find just the right role for each and every child, to Jen Haldimann who oversaw auditions and call backs and to Kali Sakai, TAG Equity Team liaison who provided insight and suggestions and was present for the final casting discussions, to Kelly Germann who taught choreography at the audition workshops and practiced multiple times with each group that auditioned at auditions, and to Gretchen O'Connell, TAG Volunteer Coordinator, who organizes our volunteers and works many of the events herself. Thanks to our amazing volunteers for helping at audition workshops, auditions, and callbacks: Tyler Donnely, Wynden Hawkins, Katrina Hupp, Ketra Konnick, Matt Marshall, Madalyn G., Pallavur Sivakumar, Alexis Cruikshank, Beth Gardner, Carrie Byron, Dani Forbess, Rebecca Robinson and Rebecca Rice and to our wonderful TAG alumni who came back to help, Gabriella W., Maya H., Tommy F. and Nora J.! We couldn't have done it without you all!

10/16      Orientation #1

10/17 Orientation #2

10/18 Weekday rehearsals begin

10/19 Jog-a-Thon

MP Cast Posting

Dear actors and families,

All students who auditioned have been cast in Mary Poppins Jr.! Each actor was thoughtfully and individually considered, then cast in a role in which they are the most suited and best able to shine, based on auditions and, if applicable, callbacks.

We specifically chose this script because it includes acting, singing and dancing, exposing the company to a full musical theatre experience. The thirty-five roles for which the original script calls have been expanded to one hundred and fifty-eight to accommodate all who wish to participate. All roles have been double-cast, some roles reinterpreted and new roles added to provide more opportunities for speaking roles and every effort has been made to balance the roles as much as possible within the confines of the script and legal constraints of our license agreement. Knowing each company member will have a unique experience, we commit to every actor being prepared, to be seen and heard at performances, to know they are an integral part of the company, and to have fun.

Parents/Guardians, you play a large role in your child’s experience during the casting process. Please celebrate your children in whichever roles they have been cast and encourage them to congratulate their friends on their roles as well. Casting is a brief moment in the overall production; Let’s be sensitive to everyone's feelings, actors and adults alike, and encourage each other to experience it with joy & grace.

The Cast Posting will be live by 6pm tonight. It lists all roles and their assigned actors in order of appearance then alphabetically by first name. The Character List provides more information about the characters and roles.

Thank you for your patience with us during the audition/callback/casting process. Your efforts have been noticed and are much appreciated. We are proud of every single one of you!


The Casting Team

Final Info for Auditions

Dear Actors,

Now that you’re registered and have a call time you can focus on our upcoming auditions. Here’s the last bit of information you’ll need:

  • Enter/exit through the playground/lunchroom doors and use the nearest stairwell to the second floor.

  • Please arrive at the 3rd Grade Pod (2nd floor, outside Room 217) at your audition call time. Prompt arrivals respect all involved.

  • Auditions will be done in groups of ten actors and each session will last one hour. Actors will be taught a few dance steps to perform in a group, then each actor will be asked to present one song excerpt and line individually. All related information was taught at audition workshops, will be reviewed during the audition process, and are available through the following links:

  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to observe the actors’ audition experience. Please turn off cell phones and refrain from talking and do not "coach" your child during auditions as it is distracting to all involved. Encouraging smiles and lively applause is most welcome.

  • Adult supervision will be provided at auditions until 3pm each day. During that time, parents/guardians are encouraged to accompany their child(ren).

  • There will be no adult supervision provided for any call times after 3pm; Parents/guardians must accompany their child(ren), or designate a known adult to do so, as children are not allowed in the building unattended.

  • Some actors being considered for specific roles may be invited to callbacks, a second opportunity for the casting team to see them prior to making final casting decisions. Visit the Callbacks page on October 6th by 6pm for details.

  • All students who audition will be cast in the musical, their roles listed on the Cast Posting page on October 13th by 6pm. Each actor is thoughtfully considered and cast in a role in which they are the most suited and best able to shine, based on auditions, callbacks (if applicable), and in compliance with TAG’s Casting Procedures

On another note, parents/guardians are invited to submit a Health & Safety Form should they wish to offer health & safety information for their child(ren).

We’re so excited for auditions. We know you’ll do beautifully and sincerely hope they are a positive experience for everyone. Break a leg!

The TAG Team