Loyal Heights Elementary Theatre Arts Group (TAG) brings professional theatre training and high production quality for our students and community to enjoy.

Browse through our website to find information on important cast news, rehearsal, performance, & enrichment course schedules, volunteer opportunities, ticket sales, and more.


We extend heartfelt thanks to the LHPTA for supporting theatre arts at our school. For more information about our PTA, visit http://loyalheightspta.org.


-NEXT WEEK'S REHEARSAL SCHEDULE HAS CHANGED! To view the UPDATED schedule for the week of February 16th, click here

-TAG's fourth annual Legacy Gift donated 45 books to our LHE Library to support our school's growing interest in theatre arts. This collection includes books on acting, tips on audition, costume design and theatre technical skills as well as resources for parents and teachers. Also included is a collection of 36 musicals on DVD, celebrating and exposing our LHE community to the art of the American musical. All items are available for checkout and may be found in the 700 section or behind the main desk of our school Library. Check them out!

-The deadline to purchase tickets to this year's school auction is February 21st. To purchase your tickets, click here.

-Tickets to all four Bugsy performances are now available to Bugsy families! We will begin advertising to the public on February 15th. Buy your tickets early to ensure seats to your desired performance. (Remember: Core cast performs in all four shows. Cast A performs in both 6pm shows and Cast B performs in both 1pm shows.)

-More candid photos from this week's rehearsals may be found on our Directors' Notes page!