Loyal Heights Elementary Theatre Arts Group (TAG) brings professional theatre training and high production quality for our students and community to enjoy.

Browse through our website to find information on important cast news, rehearsal, performance, & enrichment course schedules, volunteer opportunities, ticket sales, and more.


We extend heartfelt thanks to the LHPTA for supporting theatre arts at our school. For more information about our PTA, visit http://loyalheightspta.org.


Now that January is over it seems like the show is really coming together!  Thank you to all the families who've worked to get children to school early, learn music, practice lines, and keep up a high level of excitement for Oz!  Nearly everyone has rehearsed thus far and in February we'll start layering groups of cast members into the scenes until everyone is included. Costumes & props are well underway and sets are designed. We're on our way!


  • The rehearsal schedule is posted through February 12th. Click here for a direct link to the TAG calendar.
  • Click here to see our new handy dandy guide to cast abbreviations. (We did this so that hopefully everyone can see all the information in one click, even from a phone.) Find your kid's role, match it to the abbreviation, and you're good to go.
  • To minimize confusion and the potential for human error, only the PDFs of the rehearsal calendar in conjunction with the link to the TAG website will be attached for rehearsal reminders going forward.  Also, after a few last minute rehearsal changes we are committing to families that we will not make any adjustments to rehearsal schedules with less than one week's notice.  Thank you for being patient with the changes we've had thus far, but please continue to check the schedule each week as changes may happen week to week when absolutely necessary.
  • Please respect our rehearsal team and fellow company members by being on time to all rehearsals.  If your child is unable to attend rehearsal please email our Stage manager, Mary, in advance, at lhetagstagemanager@gmail.com
  • Cast members with speaking roles: Please rehearse your lines at home with a parent/guardian each day. You have the lines memorized but this will help you memorize the dialogue (when you say your lines with other characters).
  • Would you like to help sew costumes or build sets? Please email our Volunteer Coordinators at lhetagvc@gmail.com if you’re interested.