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Notes from the Casting Team

It was a pleasure and honor to watch so may talented and amazing kids come through the casting process for Peter Pan Jr. As part of the casting team, we took great pride in carefully considering each child who auditioned and placing them where we think they will enjoy success. Each member of the casting team was not allowed a vote on their own family member's casting. We thank you so much for letting us be a part of this adventure with your children. We hope they will enjoy this experience very much and we look forward to creating lots of memories together and putting on a great show!

Sadie Agurkis, Choreographer

It has been such a huge privilege for me to be part of the casting process for TAG. I say privilege, because I got to see with how much exacting care the students were considered for the roles to be filled, bending over backwards to be reasonable and fair to the company as a whole and not play favorites or pre-cast roles; it really made me proud of the process and the people involved. We considered a myriad of things beyond just the lines spoken and sung at audition, including effort, preparation, behavior, attitude, poise, grade level, prior experience, skills, etc, for an overall estimate of the student being able to handle the part, “sell” the character to the audience, and excel at the role. We also incorporated the chemistry between students for characters who interact on stage; a big part of callback auditions, and one reason for students being called back multiple times, to test combinations of students in many different roles. As a relative newcomer to the casting process, I was truly amazed at how some unpredictable (and often unlikely) combinations of actors “popped”, having an instant rhythm and flow that quite literally brought the entire scene to life right there in the audition. All this was incorporated in our discussion about casting each and every student - each was brought up by name, with picture and audition-note sheet, strengths and suitability discussed, then placed in a role, one at a time. We were even careful to recuse ourselves from the discussion when our own relation was the one under consideration.  In the end, we had to cast a company which worked both in part and as a whole, with whom we could work intensely for 3+ months, while at the same time giving a good experience for all involved. It actually was a fun process, because when reviewing each student’s casting, from the smallest to the tallest, we could very much imagine them in that role and say, “what a great fit” and “they will have such a great time in that role”. In the end, I can honestly say each of us would be lucky to be treated with such care and overall fairness in interviewing for a new position somewhere. And now that every role has a student behind it, we can imagine just how much fun this show will be - we can't wait to show it to everyone! 

If your child is disappointed by their role, in a way, so are we; we want them to be proud of their role, big or small. Disappointment is natural, but can be a good thing if it can be converted into resolve, determination, and growth stemming from that. Teaching a child to be resilient is difficult, and there are not many golden opportunities to do so, but I feel this is one such opportunity - there is little impact on their future career, with time and opportunity to improve before facing a bigger opportunity of greater import. A casting disappointment is a chance for your child to learn a valuable life lesson when the impact is minimal. It is clear these kids can be resilient with your help, learn to make the most of what they have now, and use it as impetus to work on their skills, focus their efforts, and try harder next time. Remember, an exquisitely-played small part can be more memorable than a poorly-played large part, and also a more-rewarding accomplishment, so this also is part of our consideration. In our 5 years of productions, we have seen all of this played out to great personal growth in so many TAG kids, and we rejoice especially in this achievement. So, please, help your child view the positive side of what they got, work with it, and take the negative in stride. The benefits will extend far beyond the edge of the stage! They will gain added poise and confidence to tackle future transitions in life of which there will be many. 

Dr. David Hyre, Music Director

Peter Pan allows us the privilege of never growing up, if only for a brief time, when magic happens in Never Land. We all benefit from a little pixie dust. I am grateful to be a part of the crew.

Carrie Stock, Director

The Cast Posting will be posted by noon tomorrow, Dec. 10th. Click here for the direct link.