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It's Show Time!!! (Part II)

Last night's rehearsal was a busy one and you all did a great job! Hopefully we've worked out most of the kinks of transitioning to the theatre; tonight's dress rehearsal should go even more smoothly. Please read this and the post (& email) titled “It’s Show Time” sent on 4/15 for vital information. 

Thanks for all your time and efforts in making this a fantastic experience for all!

Please come at your scheduled arrival time as listed in the content of each event on the TAG calendar. We will supervise children per the arrival/departure times listed only. Children may not be at the theatre unattended. (Note: Children who's parents are scheduled volunteers may come to the theatre with their parents and patiently wait in the Black Box/Green Room per the list below.) For a direct link to the TAG calendar, click here.

*Please send sack dinners where everything in them is disposable. No soda/pop is allowed. Water will be provided backstage.

*Please do not bring backpacks or personal belongings. Quiet activities/games will be provided.

*No electronics are allowed with the children. No exceptions. Volunteers will help if a child needs to contact their parents/guardians.

*All rules that apply at LHE apply at BHS.

*Please remember that everyone needs to stay calm & quiet in the Black Box/Green Room and while walking to and from the stage. 

*All cast members are asked to arrive at the theatre in full costume. There is no place to change or leave clothing.

*Click here for the cast hair/makeup requirements for performances.

*If it’s raining and you wear dance shoes as part of your costume, please wear street shoes and change once you're at the theatre as to not damage the suede soles.

*The following company members will sign in and out at the Green Room: Munchkins 1&2, Mayor, Barrister, City Fathers, Coroner, Ensemble Munchkins, Tots, Tough Guys, Crows, Jitterbugs, People of Oz, Monkeys, Winkie Guards

*The following company members will sign in at Black Box and out at the Stage Door: Aunt Em, Uncle Henry, Kansas Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Oz Dorothy, Toto, Glinda, Wicked Witch, Apple Trees, Doorman/Guard, Wizard of Oz, Nikko, Winkie Leader, Oogaboos, Polychromes

*For a floor plan of BHS, that shows the locations of the call boards, click here.

*For a map to BHS, click here.

*Several performances will sell out! To ensure seats, purchase tickets in advance. For a direct link to ticket sales, click here.