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Pan Photo Shoots!

Details for our upcoming Pan Photo Shoots on March 22nd


The Pan photo shoots will be run differently than in the past to accommodate our location change. Make every effort to attend as there will be no make-ups. Click here for the call board. 

We need several volunteers to help! Click here to help make this day go smoothly.

All company members will be photographed in groups, in full costumes, no make-up. We will be showing Monsters Inc. & Monsters University while the kids are waiting for their call times. Please familiarize yourselves with the process to ensure that everything runs smoothly:

  • All company members must go to the Lunchroom immediately after school to eat their snacks. Students must provide their own food, no nuts or popcorn).
  • No electronics or toys allowed.
  • Once snack is over, you will be escorted to the Gym to watch a movie until your call time.
  • RATs will be responsible for escorting cast groupings.
  • Dance Captains will be responsible for keeping their casting groups together.
  • Company members will be called by groups, given your costumes, then escorted to the appropriate changing rooms.
  • Girls will change in the music room with the assistance of volunteers. Boys will change in Spanish room with the assistance of volunteers.
  • Once dressed in costume, volunteers will escort the groups to the auditorium for your shoots.
  • After you’re photographed, you will be escorted back to the changing rooms to get back into street clothes. You will put your costume in your designated bag, then be escorted to the Gym to await pick-up.
  • Costumes will be sent home with you on this day and are your responsibility until Dress Rehearsal & Performances. Take extra care, not wearing or playing with them, as there are no replacements.
  • After performances, costumes are yours to keep!
  • There are two bus drop-off times. Both buses will go to all three stops.
  • Note: Some company members are asked to be picked up.

This will be an exciting day! Company members are reminded to respect their dance captains, escorts, adult volunteers, and fellow company members. All rules and expectations for positive behavior, as well as consequences for poor choices, that apply during school hours apply at this event.

Finally, we want to extend most heartfelt thanks to Alicia Jancola & Michelle Mayo for coordinating this event, to Jennifer Clark, Legh Burns, & Whitney Hardie for sharing their photography talents with us, and to our Costume Chair Maggie Burns for designing and making 134 custom costumes for our little ones!