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Neverland News 3/17

Here's to another magical week!
-Super Saturday #5 is today! Click here for the call board.

-Click here to review next week's rehearsal schedule.

-HELP: We need 2 volunteers at all weekday rehearsals. Click here to sign up.

-Between this and show week, all families are asked to volunteer at least three shifts. Please be prepared to help as we can't do this without you!

-We need help painting sets at school on the following dates (all materials will be provided):

-The Pan photo shoots are this coming Wednesday, March 22nd, to take advantage of the early release day. All costumes will be provided for the shoot, then sent home with you on this day and are your responsibility until showtime. Take extra care, not wearing or playing with them, as there are no replacements.

-Pacific Northwest Ballet's production of Hansel & Gretel is a narrated, hour-long ballet for young audiences performed by students from PNB and the Seattle Youth Symphony. It is being staged by past TAG choreographer Michele Curtis and TAG alumni Mia W. performs as a "Moonbeam". Click here for tickets.

-This week's TAG WAGs go to Katie Franklin, Steven D'Amelio, David Hyre, and last-minute hero Joel Sentano for helping unload sets, & Jen Clark for helping at weekday rehearsals.

-Congrats on reading all the news for this week! Here's your reward: Why are there no planes where peter pan lives? Because there is a sign that says "Never Neverland"


*Hint: Click on the blue event titles for details.
3/18   Super Saturday #5
3/19   Hansel & Gretel
3/22   Pan Photo Shoots
3/25   Seedfolks
3/25   Hansel & Gretel
4/1     "Never Grow Up" Kickball Game
4/1     Super Saturday #6