TAG Times 11/16

“These are good kids! I can ‘ardly wait for another fabulous week with ‘em!” -Bert

-The rehearsal schedule for the week of November 27th has completely changed. All families should visit the TAG Calendar for details and update their personal calendars accordingly.

-Please make a note of which casts (Lime or Strawberry) are called on Calendar events. Company members may only attend the events to which they are called.

-Please tell your company member(s) each day before school if they have rehearsal or not. Teachers also have a list to confirm with them before rehearsals begin.

-To any company members being picked up after rehearsals (including those participating in the B&GC carpool): A designated adult must come into the Lunchroom for visual confirmation before we can release company members. If you would rather your company member(s) meet you on the playground, the parent/guardian must Contact us, providing written consent, and we will release them to do so. Note: TAG is not responsible for any company members once they exit the Lunchroom at the end of rehearsals.

-The deadline for all Behavior Forms is Friday, November 30th. Please turn them into the white mailbox in the school office or to any rehearsal team member by this date.

TAG WAGs to Vanessa Egerdahl, Zanna Satterwhite, Karen Stockton, Gretchen O’Connell, and Jennifer Haldimann for being this week’s volunteers. Ladies, you ROCK!


Life Lesson: I know the value of this: sixpence. No, that’s its worth. It’s value’s in how you spend it.


11/19-21 Parent/Teacher Conference - No School/No Rehearsals

11/22-23 Thanksgiving Holiday - No School/No Rehearsals 🍁

11/19 TAG Team Meeting