Mary's Life Lessons

When considering scripts, we specifically search for uplifting messages within. Mary Poppins Jr. provides many opportunities for learning and growth. Recognizing the historical social and gender unbalances inherent in the setting, we chose to reinterpret some of the artistic presentation and implement relevant discussion on how society has evolved.

Our MP cast identified fifteen positive "life lessons" in the lines and lyrics of the script. In response to this dialogue, they decided to tap their noses as reminders each time these passages are rehearsed and they have taken special care to thoughtfully present their characters intentions. In addition, these morals were highlighted to the MP company in our weekly TAG Times and all LHE students will be invited to contribute to the visual presentation of Mary’s Life Lessons throughout performances.

TAG Co-Producers: Jennifer Haldimann / Bret Ashlee Watson

Lesson #1: Anything can happen if you let it.

Lesson #8: Never miss a chance to get it right.

Lesson #9: And always remember, there’s plenty of folk ready to help you should you need ‘em.