TAG Times 2/15

“Check your breath before you speak in case it’s halitocious.” -Bert

-Next week’s rehearsal schedule is available on the TAG Calendar.

-The MP photoshoot is on February 27th. All company members are included. Click here for details.

-We need volunteers for the photoshoot to be a success. There are a variety of jobs and times available. Click here for details.

-All current LHE students are invited to submit sketches to be used as backdrop art in our upcoming production of Disney's Mary Poppins Jr.! Click here for details.

Our first MP Super Saturday is on March 2nd and involves all company members at some point throughout the day. For details, click on Lime Cast or Strawberry Cast.


TAG WAGs to Rebecca Robinson, Jan Johnson, and Scott Elderkin for being willing to volunteer at rehearsals this week ❄️ and Mary Lang-Furr, Brenna Holkins, and Vanessa Egerdahl for your support at Thursday’s rehearsals.


2/18-22 Mid Winter Break - no school, no rehearsals

2/27 MP Photoshoot

3/2 Super Saturday #1 Lime Cast

3/2 Super Saturday #1 Strawberry Cast

3/9 Super Saturday #2 Strawberry Cast

3/9 Super Saturday #2 Lime Cast

3/9 Haircut Deadline

3/11 RAT Field Trip

3/19 Extended Rehearsal - Lime Cast

3/21 Extended Rehearsal - Strawberry Cast

3/23 LHE Auction

3/26-31 Show Week!

4/2 Company Party