TAG Times 3/1

“A spoonful of sugar, that is all it takes.” -Bert

-Next week’s rehearsal schedule is available on the TAG Calendar.

-Super Saturday #1 is TOMORROW. All company members are involved. Enter/exit through the west doors to the school only. For arrival/departure times visit:

-All current LHE students are invited to submit sketches to be used as backdrop art in our upcoming production of Mary Poppins Jr.! Click here for details. All entries must be submitted by Friday, March 8th.


Sending heartfelt TAG WAGs to everyone who contributed to the MP photoshoot:

Photoshoot Chair / Kate Berens

Photographer / Anna Nadolof

Costume Chair / Carrie Rees Johnson

Hair/Make-up Chairs / Erika Goodmanson, Rebecca Robinson

Props Chairs / Sabrina Savarin & Lydia van Schepen

Who’s Who Wall Chairs / Jessie Hammer & Alison McCabe

And our lovely volunteers: Jera Brandvig, Ketra Konnick, Karen Stockton, Natalie Ward, Tami Wietfeldt, Brenna Holkins, Zane Miller, Tyler Donnelly, Scott Elderkin, Amy Chung, Jenny Wohlhueter, Kelli Soccorsy, Alisa Yamamoto, Kendahl Cruver, Gretchen O’Connell, Laura Cook, and Jennifer Haldimann.


3/2 Super Saturday #1 Lime Cast

3/2 Super Saturday #1 Strawberry Cast

3/9 Super Saturday #2 Strawberry Cast

3/9 Super Saturday #2 Lime Cast

3/9 Haircut Deadline

3/11 RAT Field Trip

3/19 Extended Rehearsal - Lime Cast

3/21 Extended Rehearsal - Strawberry Cast

3/23 LHE Auction

3/26-31 Show Week!

4/2 Company Party