A Note from Nurse Julie

In anticipation of your upcoming performances, here are a few reminders:

  1. Please check your child’s head for head lice/nits before coming to practice and shows.

  2. Pursue treatment if lice/nits are found and click here to alert the TAG Director.

  3. Send your child with only the necessary clothing items—we want to clutter-free backstage environment for both safety and to decrease the chance of lice transmission.

  4. Kindly remind your child to never share hats, scarves, hoodies, combs or brushes with others.

As we all know, head lice is not disease-producing, but a case can certainly put a damper on the performance week. Check your child’s head, comb/pick/treat, and send your child to school and to performances lice free!

Have a wonderful time during show week and do your best to help us prevent the spread of lice.

Break a leg! Oops, I meant, good luck and have fun! 

“Nurse Julie”