TAG Times 3/22

“Winds in the east, there's a mist coming in, like something is brewing, about to begin…” -Bert

-The schedule for show week is available on the TAG Calendar. Prompt attendance is expected. Illness is the only excuse for absences. We need everyone’s cooperation to make this a success!

-”In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun…” Every MP family is expected to fulfill at least 2 volunteer shifts during show week. Visit the I Can Help page for details and to sign up.

-There are less than 300 tickets available and one performance is sold out! BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!

-Correction: Our TAG photographer is Anna Nodolf. Please forgive the misspelling of her name in the MP Photos are Super email.


TAG Wags to Becky Andrews, Jan Johnson, Kate Donnelley, Rebecca Robinson, Vanessa Egerdahl, and Lisa Sand for so generously sharing their time at our last weekday rehearsals, to our Props Chairs Sabrina Savarin, Lydia van Schepen, our Sets Chairs Miles Ford, Marta Kapoyos, Sabrina Savarin, our Backdrops Chair Alexis Cruikshank and Projection Chair David Hyre for all their efforts in making the production look fabulous, to our TAG Treasurer Carrie Byron for keeping us in line, and our AMAZING rehearsal team Rachel Nichols, Kelly Germann, Gretchen O’Connell, Elizabeth Woods, Laura Cook, Sadie Agurkis, Sara Stevens and alumni Benjamin M. ❤️


3/23 LHE Auction

3/26-31 Show Week!

4/2 Company Party

4/16 TAG Team "It's a Wrap" Meeting