We need you!

We need 2 volunteers to help at rehearsals today and tomorrow. Click here to sign up.

Check-out on Nov.13

Check-out procedures will be different tomorrow, November 13th, due to a district meeting being held in the Lunchroom.

We will start dismissal at 3:55pm. Company members attending NKS, B&GC and walking home will be excused first, then those being picked up. Each company member being picked up must be checked out by a designated adult listed on our callboard. Adults picking up company members are asked to abide by the following:

  • Arrive at the playground/lunchroom doors. Do not go to the school office or the front doors to the school.

  • Do not enter the building.

  • Wait for your turn to tell the TAG volunteer which company member(s) you are picking up.

  • Your company member(s) will be brought to you.

Thanks, in advance, for your patience and cooperation as we follow LHE administrative-directed protocol for dismissal.

The Rehearsal Team

TAG Times 11/9

“These are good kids! Can’t wait for another fabulous week with ‘em!” -Bert

-There are changes in this week’s rehearsal schedule. Please visit the TAG Calendar for details.

-Remember to turn in your signed Behavior Forms in the school office immediately.

-Please consider donating used sheets & pillowcases in neutral colors to be used to line costumes. Donations may be put in the TAG Shoe Donation Bin in the school office.

TAG WAGs to Tyler Donnelly, Vanessa Egerdahl, Suna Jun, Gretchen O’Connell, Joon Whitelock, and Alexis Cruikshank for your amazing support at this weeks rehearsals!


Life Lesson: With that [bad] attitude, you’ll get through a lot of [friends] before you’re very old.


11/13 RAT Orientation

11/19-21 Parent/Teacher Conference - No School/No Rehearsals

11/22-23 Thanksgiving Holiday - No School/No Rehearsals 🍁

11/19 TAG Team Meeting

RAT Orientation

Dear RATs,

We’re so excited that you’ve signed up to be RATs for Mary Poppins Jr. and anxious to have you attend rehearsals! 

We want to maximize our time with you and are strategizing rehearsals to avoid down time. We are also working hard to make working sets and props with which you will practice. Thanks for being patient with us while we prepare for your arrival. 

Your Orientation and first rehearsal will be on Tuesday, November 13th where we will chat about your MP experience. In the meantime, please review the RAT page so that you know what your commitment/responsibilities are and consider which areas of theatre craft interest you:

  • Sets

  • Props

  • Costumes

  • Sound

  • Lighting

  • Cast Management 

We look forward to meeting with you soon!

A few notes for RAT parents/guardians:

  • Contact us by noon tomorrow, November 5th, if your RAT is registered for NKS, B&GC, &/or be walking home from rehearsals. Please include your RAT’s name and the reoccurring dates that apply.

  • Parents/guardians MUST to notify their teacher of any days their RAT is called to rehearsal. (Hint: Send your teacher an email each Monday for the week.) 

  • Parents/guardians MUST contact TAG by noon on any given day if your company member is planning to walk home after rehearsal. 

  • Company members registered for NKS should come to rehearsals when called. TAG will return them to NKS following rehearsals.