Giving Tuesday: Give of your time

We need your help! The Mary Poppins cast and RATs are working hard every week to learn all the dances, songs and staging for the big show. And the rehearsal team is working hard to help them. However, the rehearsal team needs support managing the cast each rehearsal. Get a sneak peek at the dances and songs and volunteer. Click here to see the details and to sign up. Thanks for helping rehearsals run smoothly!

New Check-in/out Procedures

All company members MUST check in and out at all weekday rehearsals and Super Saturday events.


Upon arrival to the lunchroom after school, all company members must check in at their assigned callboard station and confirm how they are getting home:

  • Callboard #1 (green): Bert, George, Winifred, Jane, Michael, Katie Nanna, Mrs. Brill, Mrs. Frill, Robertson Aye, Mary Poppins, Miss Andrew, Miss Smythe, Chairman, Von Hussler, Northbrook, Bird Woman, Mrs. Corry, Policeman, Messenger, Neleus, Suffragettes, Named Sweeps

  • Callboard #2 (orange): Statues, Park Strollers, Penguins, Flowers, Honeybees

  • Callboard #3 (purple): Clerks, Chimney Sweeps, RATs


Before leaving the lunchroom at the end of rehearsal, company members must check out at their assigned callboard stations with the following procedures:

  • Walk: Company members for whom we’ve received prior approval will be released to walk home.

  • NKS: Those enrolled in NKS will be released directly to a NKS team member as a group. (They may not go to the playground or NKS rooms unaccompanied.)

  • Pick-up: A parent/guardian must must enter through the playground/lunchroom doors of the school only, wait in line at their company member’s callboard table, and check out their company member(s) in person. This includes those going to B&GC.

We respectfully ask everyone to follow this routine as it ensures the safety of all company members and serves as important training for events at the theater. Please review these procedures with your company members so that things run smoothly from here on out and contact us with any changes in your check-out plans. Spit spot!

TAG Times 1/25

“Never need a reason, never need a rhyme. Over the rooftops, step in time!” -Bert

-Next week’s rehearsal schedule is available on the TAG Calendar.

-Ticket sales are live! Early purchase is encouraged to ensure you get tickets before we advertise to the LHE community and general public. Click here for a direct link to purchase.

-Parents/guardians are invited to submit a Health & Safety Form should they wish to offer health & safety information or to tell us anything pertinent about being responsible for the care of your child(ren). 

-Donations needed:

  • TAG needs 2x4's (at least 4 feet long) and plywood for sets. Check your garages and contact Miles Ford if you have any of these items to donate. 

  • Have an unused iPod or MP3 player laying around?  TAG would love to have one to use for rehearsals. Please contact Jen Haldimann if you have one to donate. 

-Rebecca Robinson is coordinating the TAG auction basket. Please contribute some funds to help with the effort: Venmo @Rebecca-Robinson-15 or leave a cash donation with Bret Ashlee or Jen Haldimann at rehearsal. Thank you Rebecca for helping TAG represent!

-Parents, please review Behavior Expectations with your child(ren) and remind them that school rules apply at TAG events too. We want all students to feel successful and enjoy the TAG experience and ensuring good behavior on the part of the entire company goes along way in making the experience enjoyable for parents and volunteers alike.

-All TAG families are expected to contribute to the volunteer effort at some point during the MP experience, at weekday rehearsals, Super Saturdays & events during show week. Please submit your TAG Volunteer Application now so that you're ready to go. Click here to email our Volunteer Coordinator Gretchen O'Connell with questions.


TAG WAGs to Jan Johnson, Stephanie Gardner, Dani Forbess, Vanessa Egerdahl, & Sheila Howe… You’re amazing!

Life Lesson: But always remember that [we] love you very much. And that’s far more important than jobs or houses or anything else.


1/30 Day between semesters - no school, no rehearsals

2/4 TAG Team Meeting

2/18-22 Mid Winter Break - no school, no rehearsals

2/27 MP Photoshoot

Ticket Sales are live!

Ticket sales for all performances are exclusively available to MP families for two weeks. After that, tickets will be advertised to the LHE community, then to the greater Ballard community. Click here for a direct link to ticket sales.

We expect to sell out several performances. To ensure you get tickets, get yours soon.