Candid Photos Available

Catch a glimpse of the backstage experience! Click on the titles below to view and order. All photos & memorabilia will be available for order through April 16th, then they’ll be gone forever.

Show Week Candids

Company Photos

TAG Wags to our Historian, alumni Mia W., for capturing these magical backstage moments!

Note: The watermark will not show on orders. All proceeds go directly to the LHPTA to cover production costs. 

Let's Celebrate Right!

With tuppence for edible things
Dinner, sweets and all that we bring
We will eat, dance around
We will soar to Loyal heights
Our MP family so tight
We will celebrate right!

Oh, oh, oh!
Come, let’s celebrate right!
The MP family tomorrow night
The company together, our fans adoring
Cast, RATs, alumni dear
All of our volunteers
Oh, let's celebrate right!

Company Party, step in time
Company Party, step in time
Have a SUPER reason, have a SUPER time
Step in time, come step in time!

All members of our MP family are invited to tomorrow’s Company Party. Click here for details.

Spoons & t-shirts will be available for purchase. To respect NKS, please do not enter the Lunchroom until 6pm.

Congrats on a SUPER job!

Congratulations to everyone on a job well done at performances this weekend! Our cast and RATs were SUPER! We are so very proud of you for giving it your all. You did it with grace and style. You are all superstars! 

TAG Wags to each and every one of our alumni, volunteers and TAG Team members who made this week possible and to our families for supporting their kids through the MP experience. ❤️ 🎭