What are RATs? 

The rehearsal assistance team, or RATs, report to the Stage Manager and help with rehearsals to learn backstage theatre skills. Duties may include setting up the rehearsal area, retrieving working props, taking attendance, running sound, escorting students, supervising rehearsal, returning rehearsal space to "class ready" condition, and much, much, more. 


Who can be a RAT?

Current LHE students in fourth grade or above who are not in the cast may participate. They must register prior to attending scheduled rehearsals, no audition necessary. RATs will be asked to attend rehearsals as listed on the Calendar.


Why be a RAT?

Lots of reasons!  You get to help with the play without having to perform.  You get a super cool, limited edition RAT hat.  By serving as a RAT, you are eligible to serve on the backstage crew during the performances (but not guaranteed to do so). 


When do RATs report for duty?

Each RAT is committing to help out with at can expect to attend 2-3 rehearsals per week. There may be several Super Saturday rehearsals for the musical. These are vital opportunities for the company to run through the production. Not all company members will need to attend all of these rehearsals or for the entire time block(s). Schedules will be posted on the Calendar. Please respect our directors and fellow company members; Consistent and prompt attendance is expected. 


How will I be chosen as a member of the backstage crew?

The Director & Stage Manager select the Stage Crew from among the RATs. The number of Stage Crew positions is limited, based on the demands of the script. Not all RATs are guaranteed to serve on the Stage Crew*. Those who are invited to do so will receive detailed instructions as to their responsibilities at the theatre. To be selected, RATs should be Responsible, Attentive, and Timely (the RAT qualities). 

*Note: There are some Stage Crew responsibilities that contractually must be performed by BHS students. These duties are discussed at RAT Orientation & Field Trip.


Where do I sign up?

Visit our online Registration page to commit. Dues covers the cost of a RAT hat, crew t-shirt, pants and socks, and cd of the score to keep. RAT registration closes one week after auditions. RATs called to rehearsals will be listed on the Calendar.


Questions, concerns, comments, feedback?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions along the way.