(Rehearsal Assistant Team)

Survey submissions from our Mary Poppins parents & TAG Team members suggested that it is time to reconsider the Rehearsal Assistant Team (RAT) program. Student interest in this program has been growing exponentially faster than production needs, meaning that there are not enough roles to keep all of our RATs successfully engaged at rehearsals and performances. This year’s production of Alice in Wonderland Jr. has even fewer support needs and thus will not meet the RAT program’s inherent goals. Also, there has been no volunteer support for this program for the past two years and it is not sustainable moving forward without this crucial element. Though a tough decision to make, we will be suspending (not eliminating) the current RAT program for the 2019-20 season and are exploring new, equitable ways to engage students who want to participate behind the scenes.

Contact us! We welcome any ideas and time you have to share in this regard.