TAG Technical Theatre

With change comes opportunity

Thank you to everyone who supported and participated in the RAT program at Loyal Heights! It will be missed. We heard the desire for a technical theatre program to continue and are working to create something that serves our kids and school. It will look a bit different than the program we’ve had in the past and will evolve as we go along. We need your help to name this new program of ours. Read on to learn more!

TAG Technical Theatre

TAG Technical Theatre gives current 4th and 5th grade LHE students, who are not in the cast, a glimpse into the world behind the scenes of production. Everyone who signs up is invited to attend a workshop to learn more about what goes into the technical side of putting on a play. From that group, the Stage Crew will be chosen based on merit and the needs of the show. Other opportunities to support the play are also being created. Keep in mind that the number of students that will participate in rehearsals and backstage during the show will fluctuate each year depending upon the needs of the production.

TAG Technical Theatre is still being developed and more clarity will come in the weeks that follow. We do know that there will be a small stage crew for Alice in Wonderland Jr. with other opportunities to help create the production beyond being backstage.

Registration is now live HERE and will close on October 30 when auditions close.

Help us name our new program!

What should this all be called? Send us your most creative ideas for our new program. Entries will be anonymous and the name will be announced in coming weeks.

RAT stood for “Rehearsal Assistance Team” and had fun imagery along with it - think big and bold! A few theatre terms to get your minds working … technical theater, stage crew, production crew, techies, crew, and on and on. Submissions close November 15, 2019.

Does this name have specific meaning? If so, please explain.