“I’m so excited to be a RAT this year. We are like the foundation and the actors are like the bricks!”

-Mattheis, LHE student (4th grade)

"Every time I think you have outdone yourself, you come back bigger, stronger and better. I have never enjoyed elementary school drama so much in my life. Keep it going and thank you."

-Wayne Floyd, LHE Principal


"I love everything about the stage. I love being on it, I love watching it ... everything!"

-Ginger, LHE student (1st grade)


"Thank you! This program has given my child confidence, made them feel an important part of the school community and helped him build cross-grade-level relationships with other students. The time and care that is put into every student, and each role is extraordinary. Our school is so lucky to have a program such as TAG. Thank you for all you do."

-Anonymous LHE parent


"Thanks for putting on such a great show. I was teary eyed at the first note of the overture and in full sob by 'Over the Rainbow'. Our family and community benefit so much from what your team does."

-Ed Hofmann, LHE parent


"Many, many THANKS to you, your team and the countless volunteers who worked so hard to provide this opportunity for all our LHE kids!! What an incredible performance! So much creativity in every aspect of the production! And a big BRAVO to all the performers... Wow!"

 -Jessica Kettrick, LHE parent


"It has been my absolute delight to work with these wonderful kids... [These] productions depend on so many people giving tirelessly of themselves for the good of the whole. Our TAG Team and volunteers have outdone themselves and I thank each of them sincerely and deeply."

-Dr. Summer Moshy, LHE parent & 2014, 2015 TAG Director


"The musicals at Loyal Heights have not only strengthened the amazing Loyal Heights community, but have provided children and parents alike an opportunity to get involved with drama and music. The opportunity for every child at Loyal Heights to get to participate in the school musical is a true gift that will have a forever impact… The benefits are so extensive, there are simply not words to express them all!"

-Shana Nielsen, LHE parent


"I love seeing the kids be a part of something bigger than what they could be on their own. Over the course of a few weeks, they develop a large family that supports, encourages, and celebrates each participant and their unique talents. I am extremely grateful that my kids can have this artistic opportunity on stage, and behind the curtain. I have watched them discover of a facet of themselves I never would have otherwise seen." 

-Rebecca Madonna, LHE parent


"The kids are engaged, uplifted, energized, and graced by a supreme example of community effort, and they will have been a part of it." 

-John Hamel, LHE teacher


"[These productions] are such a wonderful opportunity for the kids. You instill in them a sense of confidence and pride. I can't think of a better gift to give them, especially at this time in their lives."

-Mimi Walker, LHE administration


"To give back to a school the caliber of Loyal Heights, is investing in our future's leaders. The talent of teachers, students and with complete parent involvement, pulling for the same results, excellence with a warm fuzzy feeling, is a privilege for me."

-Carrie Stock, LHE grandmother & 2012, 2013, 2016 TAG Director


"… To hear my little, shy [daughter] scream, 'That was the best day of my life!' after her first performance brought tears to my eyes."

-Katrina Hupp, LHE parent


"For some of these kids in the play, this will be their only theatrical experience. For some it will open new doors and new passions. Either way, the memories and pride of accomplishment will last. This is the kind of experience you cannot put a price TAG on."

-Julie Giebel, LHE parent & 2015-17 LHPTA President