We'd like to introduce the 2018-19 dream team of volunteers who are dedicating their time to make this production a reality.

All adults in our LHE community are invited to volunteer in this capacity. No prior experience is necessary; We're all learning as we go and new ideas are always welcome! Please visit the TAG Team Responsibilities page for task descriptions and the I Can Help! page if you are interested in being part of this year's magic.


Producers / Jennifer Haldimann, Bret Ashlee Watson

Director / Bret Ashlee Watson

Music Director / Rachel Nichols

Assistant Music Director / Elizabeth Woods

Vocal Coaches /

Production Assistant / Gretchen O'Connell

Stage Manager / Benjamin M.*

Assistant Stage Managers / 

Treasurer / Carrie Byron

Choreographers / Sadie Agurkis, Laura Cook, Kelly Germann, Sara Stevens

British Coach / Miles Ford

Costume Chair /  Carrie Rees-Johnson

Costume Designer / Alta E.*

Sets Chair(s) / 

Props Chair / Lydia van Schepen

Hair & Makeup Chairs / Erika Goodmanson, Rebecca Robinson

Volunteer Coordinator / Gretchen O'Connell

Graphic Designer / Matthew Goodmanson

Equity Committee Liaison / Kali Sakai

Photo Shoot Coordinator / 

Chief Sound Engineer / 

Sound Engineer(s) / 

Lighting Designer / 

Lighting Operators / 

Projection Engineers / 

Photographer /  

Videographer / 

Historian / Mia W.*

Backstage Support / We need gobs of support for this! Click here for details.


*Denotes TAG Alumni

Note: Participation on the TAG Team has no bearing on casting decisions.